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Sick fucks.

Nothing is off limits
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Here it is - the foulest, most extreme fetish community you will ever find on Livejournal.
To be honest, most fetish communities on Livejournal suck, the subject matter is tame and I know i'm not the only one rolling eyes reading the same old junk over and over.

So whatever gets you off, no matter how foul, or controversial, no matter how sick and nasty, post it here.

There are a few rules though! You MUST be 18 to join!

PLEASE stick to LJs rules, look them up.

Photos are ok, but keep them legal, and keep them under a cut.

Stories (fiction and non fiction) are cool too, but keep them under a cut.

We are not a dating service, so no meet up type questions. They will be deleted.

I fucking hate poetry, posting poetry will get you banned.


That's it, have fun.

Feel free to post an intro

abuse, age play, anal play, anal sex, asphyxiation, ass fucking, ass licking, auto erotic asphyxiation, bdsm, being hurt, being pissed on, being puked on, being punched, being spat on, being strangled, being tied up, being used, being watched, bisexuality, biting, bleeding, blindfolds, blood, blood fun, blood play, blowjobs, bondage, bondage and discipline, bratty subs, broken bones, bruises, bukkake, caging, caning, cannibals, choking, choking on dick, clamps, cling film, clit torture, cock & ball torture, cock sucking, collar and lead, collars, corpses, cum, cum drinking sluts, cum shots, cunt, daughters, deep throat, degradation, depravity, dick, dildos, domination, dommes, double penetration, drowning, eating puke, emetophilia, extreme porn, face fucking, facials, female ejaculation, fingering, fisting, force, forced prostitution, forced vomiting, freaks, fuck toy, gagging, girl/girl, girls pissing, gore, hanging, hitting, humiliation, japanese girls, kidnapping, knives, lesbians, masochism, masturbation, molestation, necrophilia, needle play, older men, oral sex, pain, pain play, perversity, piercings, piss, piss drinking, piss play, pissing, play rape, porn, public humiliation, puking, punching, pussy, rape, rape play, regurgitation, rimming, ritual humilitation, role playing, s&m, school girls, school uniform, serving, sex, sex at knifepoint, shaved pussy, slapping, slave/master, slaves, slug, sluts, snuff, spankings, spit, stockings, strap-ons, submission, submissives, submitting, sucking cock, suffocation, suits, swearing, teasing, threesomes, throwing up, training, triple penetration, underage, uniforms, verbal abuse, vibrators, vomit, vomiting, watersports, whipping, whores, younger girls