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humiliate trannyslut by spreading is pics

I am a sub fag and trannywhore who craves public humiliation. Please post
this link to to other boards and groups of your choice (so I can´t delete it) and invite other useres to laugh about this perverted old faggot

ich bin ein extrem versauter exhibitionistischer, wichsender Nylon-Fetischist, die sich gerne in Damenschlüpfern, Korsett, Unterrock, Strapsen, Strumpfhosen und anderen Dessous öffentlich zur Schau stellt


I like it kinky


I watch as the wetness spreads up the front panel of her white cotton panties.  Her legs are slightly spread and she is naked save for her panties, she looks down at me kneeling before her as the golden liquid finds its path of least resistance down her supple thigh.  It drips from her crotch and pools on the hardwoods below.  Spreading around her beautiful bare feet, the yellowish puddle is in stark contrast to the glossy bright pink painted upon her toes.  The stream stops and my gaze reluctantly moves upward to meet the hazel green of her eyes.  She sighs as the the last of her piss leaves behind an empty feeling inside her.  Never breaking our passion locked gaze, she steps back and points to the puddle below her.  From my kneeling position I crawl over to the warm liquid and position myself on my back within it.  She steps forward still looking into my eyes and places a foot on either side of my head.  A last drop of urine losses itself from her tiny briefs and plunges onto my forhead.  Her knees buckle and she lands gingerly upon them, splashing me with her champagne.  She wastes no time in grinding her crotch into my face.  Sitting fully upon my open mouth.  The smell of piss and girl cum engulfs me drowning my senses in the musky warm aroma.  My head swims in the heady scent as my lungs begin their cry for fresh air.  She continues to grind, her hardened clit dances around my chin.  Her hands knead and squeeze, pull and tug on my erect cock and swollen balls.  The pain is lost in the tempest of arousal that penetrates every pore of my being.  The need for breath, the pain wracking my crotch are distant afterthoughts to my desire to engulf her completely.  She grinds harder and faster as my mouth and tongue continue on their assault on her juicy, cotton covered mound.  My heart pounds in my ears as I feel her suddenly stop and go tense above me.  Behind the thump I hear a distant scream as her fingernails dig and claw through the flesh of my manhood.  Stars explode in the darkness behind my eyelids as she colapses onto me moving just enough to allow me to gasp for air thick with the fragrance of sweat, piss and pussy.
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New Years Resolution

Well when I was just a wee little girl my new years resolution was to piss into the bowl and missing the floor but 18 years later I am feeling older and wiser and I realise now this is not the way, so this year I resolve to piss all over the floor and not get any into the bowl. Of course my roomates do not appreciate my backwards evolution so I have promised to lick it all up afterwards!
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shoulder tat

Cyclic sick-fuckedness

Hi.  I'm new to posting here but have been watching for some time.

I've been in a 24/7 committed relationship with my Master for over 12 years.

I find this site reassuring, in that there are other like-minded folks.  I have had as part of me, for as long as I can remember, age 3 or 4, the need to serve, be a slave, and to be used for a Male's pleasure.  The most difficult part of this, has been in testing the waters, with any new partner I had.  I was always open and upfront about my sexual and life desires with any partner, BUT I had never found a partner whose buttons/limits I didn't push/expand.  Though I pushed my current Master's limits and he agreed I was often "sick", he believes "sick" is good.  After 12 years, I can assume if he's still getting a hard-on, that my "sick" is still OK in his eyes.

But I've got a question that I wonder about.  I have sort of this cyclic, what current sick-fuck scenario is in my mind when I get going.  Get going in this way can either be 1) to get off/orgasm   2) to reach sub flight... which are two entirely different things to me, but if you're familiar than you'll understand.  These cycles can last up to a couple of months and cross over with other themes.

Anyway, currently the theme of the month seems to be gagging, choking, typically from blow jobs, but also from breath play (either being strangled or just suffocated).  Of course, he's not objecting to this latest obsession because every time he turns a corner I want him down my throat.  We did play recently to the point in which I threw up and clean it up as I cleaned him off.  He doesn't do so well with the throw up part, but it was so hot to me.

But I guess the questions is, do other people here go through this sort of cyclic, what gets them off for a period of time, then they sort of shift to a new mode?

Sometimes I will blatantly share these things with my Master, like this current one is obvious.  Other times, I sort of keep them to myself.... he will often make a statement that he knows I'm going to one of my "dark corners" and will just leave it at that if he's fucking me or playing with me.  There are some fantasies, that if I seem to share them, they seem to go away, and then I can't use them to go to my "dark corner".  He generally respects this.

Anyway, I go through cycles with ass-fucking and ass-play and have been obsessed with this little video clip in recent days:
It's sort of a dolcett-like skewering.  I love being ass fucked and throat fucked afterwards, having to clean up my mess. 

I go through cycles with enema play, enema play coupled with fake pregnancy play, knife play, needle play, being stuff with various things. 

I go really far if I am degraded, called names, debased, get pissed on....   This is one area that is difficult for him... not that he's not OK with it, he just forgets this in the heat of things a lot of the time.  I can't seem to get it across enough that if I'm "you're worthless whore, piece of crap" you can do whatever you want to me.

Sometimes my dark corners are full of forced play with animals/electricity/true torture and often not quite legally accepted views that I won't post here.

I just wonder how others here work their thoughts into real play with their partners, if you keep things to yourself, if you're upfront with partners from the beginning?

Also, I can get off or get going unless, at the very least, my mind is in sick-fuck mode.  I often look at traditional scenes of women running through a field of flowers, with soft music in the background, being loving caressed... and I wonder what the Hell is wrong with me.  I've tried to leave it behind several times in my life, and I've settled on the idea that this is just who I am.  This was in my persona long before it was even sexualized.. when I was a child... wanting to be tied up and tortured by neighborhood boys.  It was also enhanced as a pre-adolescent, I was exposed to some very hot Nazi torture books while babysitting for a relative (great closet).  I often wonder if there is some connection with this in my genes or if it was due to some exposure.

Regardless, it's led me to find the relationship I'm in, with a home with a fully outfitted hidden dungeon in the basement, as well as a certain small group of friends who are clued in (but don't truly get it).

--vk's fssw
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American Dad

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Long time reader, first time poster.

I have this "thought" that keeps running thru my mind.

There's a woman. She's tied to a chair at the ankles, wrists. A strap holds her head motionless.

The seat of the chair has been modified to be a toilet seat. A steel collar is around her neck, as are steel wrist and ankle cuffs. Connected to them are wires, which are in turn connected to a low voltage car battery. Her nipples are also wired, as is her clit. A dental gag holds her mouth wide open, and a clear plastic tube has been inserted in it.

Under the chair sits a scale that has been modified with a pressure sensitive connection switch.

Simply put, the scale is the on / off switch.

How is it activated, you may ask?

By weight.

Not hers, but the by-products she allows herself to release.

It's simple really. The amount of shit she gives the scale is the amount of pain she receives.

Slowly, I pour the laxative down the tube, laughing as she’s forced to swallow it.

“Have fun holding it in Bitch” I whisper to her, as I turn on the water in the sink nearby…

I want, I want, I want! (Reciprocate List)

 So I asked my boyfriend to do a list for me,  about sexual things he may want to do or have done, and this is basically me countering with everything I can possibly think of. Some are regular things I'd enjoy often, and some things I'd just like to try to see if I would like.
This is a long list, so be forewarned it might take a while to read.
Note: These are for my boyfriend, I'm monogamous and not looking for volunteers ;)

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pics of me having fun in the bathtub and some of me at dragoncon a few weekends ago. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. VERY LARGE PICS BEHIND THE CUT. One knifeplay pic included. My sick fetish is bleeding all over my love's sharp metal kitchen knives and licking it off again.

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